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At Oxford Performance Systems our experienced staff creates athletic success by providing the programming and coaching needed. Each athlete begins with a full assessment with an extremely thorough process, including an orthopedic evaluation, movement screen, and performance measures. The coaches then use proven, research-based modalities to create programs that optimize movement, build strength, increase explosiveness, and condition the athlete by taking into account the metabolic demands of the sport. All programs train the entire body and include each of strength and conditioning’s components.








What is sport-specific training?

Specificity isn’t about simulating or recreating on-the-field movements in the gym. Instead, it means analyzing the biomechanics of a particular activity, strengthening the affected areas, and training relevant energy systems. Our programs start by establishing base levels of acceptable movement and general strength. Once general strength is sufficient athletes move into more “specific” training. Sport-specific training often resembles a sport’s biomechanics more closely. Most importantly, it addresses parts of the body that must be strong in addition to those that are susceptible to injury. 

Youth Athletic Development Program

Ages 4-10
Foundations of Movement (Running, Jumping, Skipping, Bodyweight Training, Competitions)
Fun and Energetic Environment!

Monday / Wednesday @ 4 pm

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