The Value of Youth Fitness Programs

By: Brian Kridler, Director of Fitness Services and Personal Trainer at Oxford Athletic Club

Yoga for Kids

Children face a lot of stresses in today’s world. They are surrounded by electronics and peer pressure.  Yoga practices may help our youngest friends and family cope with these stresses and can create a sense of life balances, well-being and positive mental health. It is also an energy outlet, as well as providing muscular strength and flexibility. Yoga includes poses to increase flexibility, strength, and coordination.  Classes are intended to be fun and motivating and designed for the children to want to return.

Oxford’s Youth Yoga instructor Liz Krystiniak has extensive experience working with children as a Pediatric Occupational Therapist as well as being a 200 hour certified Yoga Instructor.   Liz has experience teaching all levels and age groups in yoga. She creates a fun, motivating and memorable class for our 8-12 years old members.  Bring your child/children on Thursdays at 4:30pm starting Sept. 5th, 2019.  (The class is designed for the 8-12 year olds specifically. )

Boxing for Kids

Boxing teaches self-development and discipline in a safe space under the supervision of trained professionals. Boxing includes many intense and healthy exercises choices. Boxing exercises may improve footwork, mobility, and eye to hand coordination. Boxing keeps you mentally healthy as well. Boxing releases a ton of endorphins and boosts self-confidence. Studies have shown that boxing makes participants less aggressive. More confident kids are prone to fewer outbursts. Socially, boxing will include a chance to interact with other kids with similar interest.

Youth Boxing inspires self-confidence, trust in others and promotes determination and self-mastery at a young age, which comes very handy when facing our day to day problems in a real life. Additionally, it provides a safe space where young people can be themselves and familiarizes them with healthy ideals to which they can strive.

The benefits range from the personal to the social. Kids who train to become boxers become physically healthier, mentally more acute, and psychologically more resilient. Lastly, boxing creates a healthy and inspiring outlet for all that restless energy of youth.

Look for Youth Boxing on the schedule this fall.