Happy New Year! In am hoping all had an enjoyable holiday season. As we begin the new year I would like to thank everyone that has welcomed and supported the Market Café and Terrace restaurants staff to the Oxford family of members and staff.

Over the next coming months, I’ll be offering “tasting notes” from our Terrace menu. If you have not had the chance to experience the local seasonal fare presented in Oxford’s flagship restaurant; it is my hope to familiarize you to the idea of fresh, seasonal, creative, and healthy dining options.

Throughout my years of cooking, I’ve come to understand that great ingredients from dedicated family farms and local artisans are the key to great dining. We’re in the process of forging relationships with local ranchers, farmers, foragers, and artisans. We rely on them as they rely on us, and it’s their work that drives our creativity and seasonal inspiration in the kitchen.

Wonderful food grows year-round — even during the depths of winter. The perfect antidote for those cold and overcast skies is warm and satisfying comfort-style food. To help take the chill away, we’re offering Pork Stew with Chiles and Winter Squash on the Terrace menu throughout January.

This slow-cooked stew features fresh pork sourced from Thoma Meat Market, a family-owned butcher shop located in Saxonburg since 1945. Their market is a great local source for fresh beef, goat, pork, and lamb – all sourced from their own farm and ranches. Braised pork shoulders and hardy winter squashes simmer until tender in an earthy flavored broth, seasoned with mild guajillo chilies, coriander and garlic, all served over pickled jalapeno stone-ground grits. Not only is it filling, but also nutritious. It’s sure to put a smile on your face – whatever the weather.