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Receive one month free when you refer a friend or family member to join Oxford Athletic Club and they become a member by Wednesday, May 31!

You can tell them all the reasons why joining OAC is the perfect next step toward achieving their health and fitness goals like upscale amenities, the hottest group fitness classes, cutting-edge equipment, and an outdoor pool!

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Upscale Amenities

Luxurious lounge spaces, locker rooms, saunas and more. Enjoy high-speed wifi while you do business or go offline to recharge.

Hottest Classes

Premium equipment, cutting-edge technology, motivated communities and more. Enjoy today’s trendiest classes and tried-and-true classics to build your mind and body.

Exceptional People

Passionate, educated, and encouraging staff who focus on your goals and your passions to ensure every visit brings a challenge and a reward.

Built For Families

Games, events, youth exercise programs and more. We teach, watch, and play with kids of all ages to ensure health and wellness are both fun and engaging.

Healthy Eats

Healthy meals and snacks readily available at our made-to-order café. Enjoy healthy, well-designed foods sourced from local farms to help you stay on track.