Oxford Pickleball!

Pickleball at Oxford Athletic Club offers both entry-level and competitive gameplay on our indoor and outdoor courts! 

A relaxed, social format that allows players to just sign up, show up and play pickleball without having to worry about organizing a group of 4 people to play with. Players generally play on certain courts based on their ability and skill level which ensures an environment that is safe and competitive for everyone playing. Players simply place their paddles in the bin and players take to the court in the order they come up. Open play is very important to the growth and development of the pickleball program at Oxford Athletic Club. It is designed to help bridge gaps between skill levels. It creates an out-of ordinary type of fun play that encourages new members to feel welcome! Open Play is a great way to start if you are new or want to play with different people. Join us as we all enhance our skills, practice, mentor, and meet other players.

Guidelines: Rules and guidelines have been established for Open play. Please refer to the Open Play Rules.

This format allows members of a specific skill level to play together (gender specific and/or mixed doubles).

Guidelines: A coordinator from the RR group will be responsible for organizing play. When players arrive they will receivea player number. A round robin bracket sheet will indicate the court that player number will play on for that game. Play to 11 win by 1. Play commences on all courts at the same time. When a court reaches 11 they call DONE and all courts stop play. The coordinator will check the next RR bracket and call out the next court assignments

A Your 4 allows you to arrange your own group and stay together for the whole 2 hours. This type of arrangement allows you to practice drills, play singles or playwith 3 other people. One person from the group reserves the court. 

To provide an opportunity for all members to reserve a Your 4 Court, we ask that you only book 1 Your 4 Court per day. You can reserve a Your 4 court for a maximum of 2 hours per day.

Players are placed on courts by playing ability/skill level. Players will move up or down a court based on if they win or lose that game.

Guidelines: The highest court number will be the highest ability-skill-level court. Players will be put on courts with players of similar skill/ability. The coordinator will say start and play commences on all courts. Play to 11 win by 1. When a court reaches 11 points, they say DONE and all courts stop play. The winners move up 1 court and losers move down 1 court. Once everyone is on their court, the coordinator will say START to begin play again.

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