You may already know him, but we are happy to introduce you to our new Fitness Director, Brian Cioci. Not only does he have extensive experience within the fitness industry, but Brian has an undeniable passion for health and wellness.

As a child, Brian was always playing sports and staying active with his family. Growing up with fitness as a main part of his life led Brian to pursue this as a career. After completing his Undergraduate and Master’s degrees in Exercise Physiology at University of North Carolina, he began his journey as a personal trainer. Brian’s background also includes managing fitness clubs, training elite athletes, and establishing Orange Theory as a premiere boutique experience.

When asking Brian why he decided to make the shift to Oxford Athletic Club, he had a lot to say; 

“I saw the vision that the new ownership brought to the table and with my passion for fitness, I knew that together we can really make a difference in respect to the health and wellness of this community.”

We agree, and we are so excited to see, together, how we are able to influence the community for the better. So, a big congratulations goes out to our new Fitness Director, Brian Cioci!