Fresh. Sustainable. Local. Delicious. Just a few words to describe the cold-pressed meals, drinks, and delicacies made by GOODLife Juices.

GOODLife Juices was founded on the idea that what we put into our body affects our health and quality of life. So, GOODLife delivers vital nutrients and energy though their tasty cold-pressed products to ensure what you are putting into your body will nourish, not harm. Their ingredients, including apples, tomatoes, cucumbers, ginger, and many more, come from local farmers to guarantee freshness and support the greater Pittsburgh community. Some of their favorite farms include Who Cooks for You, Edible Earth, Brenckle’s Farm, Clarion River Organics, Alpha Farms Organics, and Blueberry Meadows among many others.

Not only are their ingredients fresh and local, but their process of pressing these raw ingredients ensures the most nutrients remains in the juices. Normal juice machines separate the pulp and the liquid by spinning the fruits and vegetables and, in that process, can damage the living enzymes that provide you with nutrients. The Norwalk machine that GOODLife uses is designed to be more careful by squeezing the ingredients rather than spinning. This maintains the integrity of the nutrients in the final products.

Lucky for you, you will not have to go far to get these amazing products. We will be serving GOODLife Juices in our Market Café. With a large variety of options from pineapple, apple, and mint juice, which helps to rehydrate, to Brazil nut milk, which is a great source of protein, GOODLife has juices for everyone. Their nutritional value makes these juices perfect to recover after a difficult workout or effortlessly adding some more supplements to your diet. Personally, my favorite is the Grab & Glow, full of beets, apples, and ginger and a splendid start to the day. Make sure to try some of the many flavors of GOODLife Juices when the Market Café opens this Fall!

GOODLife Juices also sells their cold-pressed juices online at their website. You can sign up for various plans to receive a delivery to your house of your chosen fresh juices each week.