Few things can come close to the fear, anxiety, and heartbreak that comes with the words “you have cancer.” Breast cancer, especially, is a terrifying journey that approximately 1 in every 8 women in America will have to go through in their lifetime. With almost 13% of the women in the U.S. being diagnosed with breast cancer of some kind each year, it’s easy to see why “Thinking Pink” every October has caught on in such a wide-spread manner. However, despite the numerous splashy support campaigns each year, it’s easy for women to feel alone or isolated while they deal with breast cancer.

There are countless support groups all across the country dedicated to cancers of all kinds which work to provide a community for people facing illness and their families. But there are also dozens of online resources to provide a sense of community, humor, and solidarity amongst breast cancer patients. Below are some of the top-rated blogs about battling breast cancer, as well as resources in the Pittsburgh area to turn to if you or someone you know has been diagnosed.

The Perks of Having Cancer! 

At first glance, this blog seems like it can’t be real. The title alone makes you question if this woman is serious.  But writer Florence Strang has a knack for finding silver linings even in the darkest of clouds.  The blog began as a way to lift her own spirits during her treatments and before long she was inspiring others with her quick wit and infectious positivity. Florence also has a book out called “100 Perks of Having Cancer Plus 100 Healthy Tips for Surviving It.”  Check out the blog here!

But Doctor I Hate Pink

Sharing her fears, feelings and sadness, Ann Silberman approaches her life with stage IV breast cancer with an impressive sense of humor. Her hilarious and deeply moving post about herself and other patients give readers a deep perspective on what it’s like to be diagnosed. Ann’s blog covers everything from seeking treatment to her efforts to connect with other people going through the same journey. Read how she tackles everything that a cancer diagnosis encompasses, from losing friends with the same disease, to more day-to-day thoughts on products, books, and food. Check out the blog here!

Chemobrain…In the Fog

Writer AnneMarie Ciccarella takes a unique approach to her breast cancer blog by focusing on both brain health and breast health. As the title implies, her blog works educates readers about the impact chemotherapy can have on brain function. If you’ve been concerned by how treatment has affected your memory and ability to think, this is the blog for you. AnneMarie discusses the pros and cons of certain medications, highlights advocates in the fields of health and breast cancer, and shares snippets of her personal life. Check is out here!

Adagio Health

Founded in 1971, Adagio health operates at 55 sites and partners with over 20 different health care providers in the western Pennsylvania area. Adagio aims to help women in western PA live their best lives by “providing health and wellness services to all women and their families with a focus on those in need.” Their services cover a wide-range of women’s healthcare concerns, including screenings for breast and cervical cancer. Adagio focuses on preventative measures and can help women find the best treatment options needed in the face of diagnosis. For more information, be sure to check out their website here.

Glimmer of Hope 

Founded in 1994, Glimmer of Hope is a Pittsburgh-based breast cancer foundation and a long-time partner of Oxford Athletic Club. Glimmer of Hope has raised over $3 million for breast cancer research and treatment, working with Allegheny Health Network, Magee Women’s Research Institute, the Hillman Cancer Center, and Allegheny General Hospital. Glimmer of Hope’s funds are raised and donated entirely within the Pittsburgh area, making it a tremendous resource for women in the area and a great partner for Oxford Athletic Club. We have several upcoming events partnered with Glimmer later this month so be sure to register here, and for more information about their foundation, check out their website here.

Susan G. Komen

Perhaps the most well-known name in women’s health is the Susan G. Komen foundation. Founded in 1982, Susan G. Komen is known across the United States for its fundraising, awareness, and support efforts for women with breast cancer. Susan G. Komen also has a hotline for women who’ve been recently diagnosed. They walk you through how think about/develop a list of needs, reassure you that any feelings and concerns related to the diagnosis are normal, educate you about breast cancer issues and coping mechanisms, teach you how to better talk with your health care team. For information about the hotline click here and for information about Komen in general click here.