We’re officially in the final stretch of the holiday season rush. While this festive time of year is full of fun, family, and friends, the chaos of the season can make it feel impossible to fit in a workout between holiday parties, gift shopping, decorating, cooking, and so on. Our last post took a look at some healthy holiday recipes that are sure to be a hit with the whole family without wreaking havoc on your nutritional habits. Today we decided to round up some incredible 10-minute exercise routines perfect for squeezing in a quick workout between errands.

With these 10-minute routines, you’re guaranteed to be able to stay active this season, which is proven to help manage stress, improve your mood, and give you a boost of energy…all things needed during the holiday rush! Even better? All of these workouts are from the American Council on Exercise (ACE), meaning they’re backed by some of the best in the industry. Read on for perfect 10-minute workouts to help you break a sweat this holiday season!


10-Minute Yoga

10-Minute Morning Yoga

This incredible yoga progression is the perfect way to start your day off right. Instead of hitting snooze, wake up and start the day with this quick but effective yoga routine. Those extra 10 minutes of sleep won’t even be missed after you see how awake and relaxed you’ll be able to start your day! Get the workout here!

10-Minute Foundational Yoga

New to yoga? Long-time yoga fan? It doesn’t matter, this workout is perfect for newcomers and veterans alike. This foundational yoga workout is the perfect way to get back to basics in a quick and effective progression, perfect for when you only have a few minutes but need to take a break from the holiday chaos. Get the workout here!

10-Minute Workout

10-Minutes to Break a Sweat

Missing your usual workout but pressed for time? Try compressing your session into a 10-minute, high-intensity routine guaranteed to work up a sweat! This progression is perfect for getting a highly effective workout in a short amount of time…meaning you can fit it in before heading out to run your holiday errands! Get the workout here!

10-Minute Upper Body Burnout

Arms feeling tired from lugging around all of those shopping bags? Fear not, we found the perfect 10-minute upper body routine to help! This high-intensity workout is a quick but highly effective way to work your whole upper body, just in time for lugging all of your presents to holiday parties! Get the workout here!


These are just a few of the incredible 10-minute exercise routines you can find. And even in this crazy time of year, there’s always 10 minutes to spare somewhere in your day. Adding in a quick workout is sure to help you stay energized and stress-free during this busy season…which means you can focus on the fun instead!