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Basic Weight Lifting

This 60-min class is designed to teach the essential basics in proper core engagement for success in any muscular training environment, such as BodyPump, Kettlebell, Pilates, Tabata.  Basic Weight Lifting incorporates various muscular training modalities, such as bands, body weight exercises, Bosu, free weights, kettlebells, medicine balls, and weight training machines. This class provides the essential foundation needed for anyone interested in strength training.

Power Fit

Power Fit is a full-body conditioning program designed to boost your metabolism, increase energy and build lean muscle.  Classes include full body and compound movements, such as lunges, pull-ups and squats. Power Fit ensures you will get a powerful workout while building strong, lean muscle.

Body Pump

Body Pump is a total-body weighted workout using barbells and weight plates.  Great music, motivating instructors and participants’ choice of weights unite to inspire maximum, result-achieving effort.


Kettlebell training utilizes high-speed, ballistic movements to build power in the hips and legs while sparing and stabilizing the back. Kettlebell training builds aerobic fitness and promotes weight loss since it’s more akin to interval training than standard weight lifting.


Barre classes incorporate a fun, dynamic, dance-inspired workout that combines elements of Yoga, Pilates and Ballet. Participants get a full-body workout that includes arm weights, barre work, core work, and stretching.

Box Master

Oxford’s Boxing classes feature the Box Master, a commercial grade piece of equipment which replaces the need for a person to hold focus pads. Bow Master combine a powerful workout with maximum confidence building through this hard-hitting fitness program. Gloves and wraps are required for all boxing classes and can be purchased in the Oxford Pro Shop.

Strength & Toning Instructor Directory
Roni Crist

Group Exercise Instructor

Joe Klimchak

Group Exercise Instructor

Elicia Tighe

Group Exercise Instructor

Pam Daugherty

Group Exercise Manager

Brian Kridler

Personal Training Manager

Kaitlin Turnley

Group Fitness Instructor

Laura Dougherty

Personal Trainer

Alia Rabah

Group Exercise Instructor

Nicole Rogos

Mind/Body Manager

Leslie Georgiadis

Pilates Trainer

Donna Reginella

Group Exercise Instructor

Natasha Georgievsky

Group Exercise Instructor

Bennett Richardson

Personal Trainer

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